If you are seeking business, commercial, industrial or residential metal rolling shutters and rolling doors for the safety and security of your workplace or home, Mantilhue Ltda. in Chile, is your one stop shop.

We design, manufacture, deliver, install and maintain metal rolling shutters and doors for all commercial and business applications. Our products are designed and manufactured to give you durable, long-lasting performance for years of extended use and trouble-free operation. Each metal rolling shutter and rolling door is backed by knowledgeable and professional customer support staff and a one year manufacturer warranty.

Our Rolling Shutters provide the most needed ventilation of secured spaces allowing air to flow in and out of the facility, while also providing security against unauthorized entry. Commercial and retail offices and shops are perfect candidates for these rollings hutters and provide the benefits of easy security, safety and a pleasing appearance. SEE MORE DETAIL IN ROLLING SHUTTERS | SECURITY ROLLER DOORS

Matilhue Ltda. manufactures rolling shutters and roller doors in San Miguel, Chile. We have extensive experience in manufacturing all types of rolling shutters both in metal and  polycarbonate with transparent bearings. The transparent rolling shutters are extremely strong because of the special polycarbonate material we use. We chose the polycarbonate material with the following characteristics in mind; impact resistance, not temperature sensitive, lightweight, very strong and durable. We use linear thermoplastic polyester which has proven to be very malleable and useful in molding and thermal forming the rolled shutters. Polycarbonate is as strong as steel so it will secure your valuable commercial, industrial and residential assets safely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our company has over 10 years of experience making roller shutters, offering our business, commercial, industrial and residential customers an easy to use roller shutter system that is safe and secure. Our electric rolling shutters offer a reliable solution to a secured entry with a quiet electric motor and reliable performance.

Rolling shutters can be used in a variety of business, commercial, industrial and residential applications including; office space, conference rooms and cabinet malls. We have rolling shutters that have been specifically designed with wind resistance in mind. If you are searching for a wind resistant rolling shutter that provides safety and a pleasing appearance, we can provide you with a variety of options and help you find the roller shutters that best meets your need and budget constraints. Our rolling shutters offer operational simplicity, versatility, comfort and elegance. All of our rolling shutters and rolling doors are competitively priced. SEE MORE DETAIL IN OUR SERVICES SECTION

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