The rolling doors for security reasons are full recommend to assure your business is going to be secured after last shift is over. At Mantilhue, we offer the best in rolling doors with our complete line of metal rolling shutters.

Mantilhue is a company which is leader in manufacturing rolling doors to meet all our customers´needs. We have customers in some important countries in Latin America. We export from our Facility in Chile to Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, some Caribbean Islands and USA, among other important destinations around the world.

We have a wide portfolio of rolling doors to fulfill your most demanding expectations. We offer regularly our rolling doors such as rolling shutters and over head roller doors. Mantilhue also offer a very professional post sale service including repairing of rolling shutters and also provide gate automation and an adaptation of new metal rolling doors to those which already existing doors.

We provide the best roller doors which meet the highest standard of quality for security purposes. At Mantilhue, we provide the best rolling doors and also the best post sale service including all required maintenance and overhauling to keep you rolling doors working permanently the longest always meeting customers´needs.

We currently provide a wide portfolio of rolling doors suitable for adjusting to fit and also to meet all your needs in security. We offer the following rolling doors such as metal shutters, security roller doors, rolling shutters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling shutters, transparent security roller shutters, among other rolling doors available at Mantilhue in Chile.

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