A roller door is amid metal rolling doors which make you to be safe and even better feel safe. A roller door can resist some attacks because it is made of metal.

A roller door is recommended for your own safety and also for your business safety. We, at Mantilhue from Chile, can provide the best of roller door of our complete Line of metal rolling shutters.

Mantilhue is leading company which manufactures roller door form our Line of metal rolling doors. We serve some export markets in some countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, some Caribbean Islands and USA, among other important destinations around the world. We also serve Chile as our origin market where we are recognized as a leader.

If you have a business, small or big, with a front over a main street, do not think deeper, you must have a roller door to assure and grant your perimeter from outside threatens. A parade, a strike, or any manifestation passing over your business, can means a potential risk. A roller door is an answer of it, the right one. Do not hesitate, come now to Mantilhue, an industrial doors manufaturers for more details and to get a roller door.

We have a complete portfolio of rolling shutter doors to meet your expectations in safety. Also We currently provide an excellent roller door such as rolling shutters and over head roller doors. We also provide a great post sale service including repairing of rolling shutters and also provide gate automation and an adaptation of new metal rolling doors to those which already existing doors.

For more information about Mantilhue from Chile, and all about our complete Line of Business of metal rolling shutters such as a roller door