We have some rolling shuttters available and suitable for you. At Mantilhue, we provide the best roller doors with high standards of quality to meet all your expectations in security. One of our main objectives is providing an outstanding service and products to fulfill your all needs in security which is a need nowadays. Security is a big asset and using roller doors such as rolling shuttters you can be secured all the time.

At Mantilhue, we are leader by far in manufacturing and selling rolling shuttters especially in Chile but also around the world. We serve many countries in Latin America such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, some Caribbean Islands, USA, among other important continental destinations.

We have a roller door waiting for you at affordable costs and meeting all your security expectations. We currently offer a complete portfolio of rolling shuttters and overhead roller doors including post sale services such as repair rolling shuttters. We also supply gate automation and an adaptation of new metal rolling shuttters to existing doors and all maintenance and also overhauling.

We have a complete catalog of rolling shuttters with several lengths up to 18 meters specially for adjusting to fit and also to meet all your needs in security. We offer the following rolling shutters such as metal shutters, security roller shutters, rolling shuttters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling shuttters, transparent security roller shutters, among other roller doors.

Rolling shutters can give you a sense and assurance of security. If you have security issues and even If you don’t, rolling shutters are key part of you security scheme for your facility and even for your relatives and employees.

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