Roller shutter system is one of the best options to secure your business and home. The roller shutter system can provide our customers security either windows or doors to prevent external effects.

We are Mantilhue, and offer all of roller shutter system you need with the highest security parameters in Chile to meet all technical and security requirements.

Mantilhue is a company which leads market by designing, manufacturing and selling roller shutter system in Chile. We provide the best of roller shutter system to some countries around the region in Latin America such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, and also some Caribbean Islands and USA, among other important markets in the region and even farther.

We focus on security issues and based on our expertise, we are the best option by far for you to be secured inside your house or your office. We use to supply a wide and complete portfolio of roller shutter system in Chile and even father with different specifications to be met. Among those roller shutter system, we have roller metal shutters, security roller shutters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling shutters, transparent security roller shutters, among other roller shutter system available for you.

We provide from our Facility in Chile the best of roller shutter system in Chile and some other countries around the world. We have roller shutters doors and overhead roller doors, gate automation and an adaptation of new metal roller shutters and many other roller shutter system available for you.

Come to Mantilhue, you will find the roller shutter system you are looking for. For further information about our company and the whole portfolio about roller shutter system in Chile and beyond