The best metal shutters in Chile are manufactured by Mantilhue Ltda. Metal shutters are necessary roller doors nowadays to provide security for relatives and employees. At Mantilhue Ltda. in Chile, our Line of Business of metal shutters is a leader in the market and also your best option to secure all your properties, staff personnel and family.

As part of our global main strategy, we currently offer our metal shutters and some other roller doors to some countries especially in Latin America such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, some Caribbean Islands and also USA, among other important countries all over the continent and even farther.

At Mantilhue, we also provide in Chile a complete portfolio of metal shutters, overhead roller doors, gate automation and an adaptation of new metal roller metal shutters to those doors actually working and all maintenance involved to keep them running smoothly.

We use to supply to all our customers around the region the following metal shutters doors such as metal shutters itself, security roller shutters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling shutters, transparent security roller doors, among other roller doors available for you at Mantilhue.

We are your best option ever to meet all your expectations in metal shutters doors. We have the expertise and knowledge required to meet all security standards which makes us the leader in metal shutters doors in Chile. We offer metal shutters in galvanized iron, flat plates and welded iron links for a superior quality and durability. Our metal shutters doors are mounted on folding octagonal shafts with eight face diameters meeting the most demanding requirements in security.

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