Rolling doors are provided by Mantilhue as part of its portfolio of roller shutter doors. Rolling doors provide security to our customers in homes, offices and Facilities allowing them to feel secured in their premises.

Security is one of the biggest concerns of many people nowadays because of many felonies and misdemeanor either cities or towns. At Mantilhue in Chile, we provide the best rolling doors available in the market always at an affordable cost but also always meeting all our customers´ expectation in security.


Our rolling doors meet your highest expectations of quality by meeting the top requirements in security for your premises. Our expertise around the world by providing rolling doors is wide and at Mantilhue, we also match all our customers´ needs in security.

At Mantilhue, we offer a complete portfolio of rolling doors and overhead rolling doors and also provide post sale services such as repair rolling doors. We also provide gate automation and an adaptation of new metal rolling doors to existing doors and all maintenance and overhauling with the best available in the market.


We are a recognized leader company by manufacturing and selling rolling doors especially in Chile and so many countries around the world. We currently export to Latin America such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico. And also some Caribbean Islands and USA just to mention some of the important destinations.

At Mantilhue, we use to sell rolling doors such as metal shutters, security roller shutters, rolling shutters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling shutters, transparent security roller shutters, among other rolling doors available for you.

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