Rolling doors All of our rolling doors provide security against robbery and vandalism. At Mantilhue, in Chile, we offer full support to our customers in installation, purchase and assembly of your rolling doors. Our rolling doors are the best solution for your home or business to be and feel secured anytime.


At Mantilhue Ltda. from Chile, we are your best alternative to purchase, install and assembly all the security rolling doors, which meet and also exceed all our customers´ expectations. Our rolling doors are the best way to protect you and your family against vandalism and robbery either in small cities or big ones. Security is not a something you can give as granted. This security must be obtained by using some minimum security tools like rolling doors.

We are a recognized leader company by manufacturing and selling rolling doors especially in Chile and many countries around the world. We currently service some countries in Latin America such as Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico and also some Caribbean Islands and United States of America.


Rolling doors are excellent tools for all our customers to be secured in their premises. At home, office and all Facilities can be armored against vandalism and robbery by installing rolling doors and some other security tools.

At Mantilhue, we are company which is dedicates to purchase, install and assembly rolling doors and metal shutter by innovation, high quality standards and best manufacturing process. Our rolling doors are the best option in the market by offering them based on the best conditions ever.

We sell metal shutters, security roller shutters, rolling shutters, metal curtain rolling doors, emergency doors for rolling doors shutters, transparent security roller shutters, among other rolling doors available for you here at Mantilhue from Chile.

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